Alpha Version 0.5

About to Boom

Alpha version: 0.5

Welcome to the alpha of our current project!

The latest release of our game is alpha version 0.5

  • Release 0.5 Change Highlights
  • - New Enemy Type "Puller"
  • - New Projectile Weapon "Homing Missiles"
  • - New Laser Weapon "Proximity Lasers"
  • - New Special Weapon "Star Cannon"
  • - Support for all major game pads
  • - New UI Screens: Weapon Select, Upgrade Path, and Score Summary
  • - New core draining mechanic, Drain Circles
  • - Game Pausing
  • - Time Bombs now unlock based on Energy Orb collection
  • - New Weapon Effects and Explosions

How to Play

In this game you are trying to protect the energy core which is the source of your ship's power.  If any weapons or enemies collide with the core, it absorbs more energy and grows larger.  If it absorbs too much energy, it will explode and destroy the galaxy!  Place your ship inside the energy auras to drain energy from the core and recharge your ship. Pick up the upgrade orbs left behind by destroyed enemies to upgrade your ship and weapon systems.

You will need a controller to properly play this release and you'll need to use your mouse to click inside the game window to give your controller access.  The game supports up to four players locally!

  • Left analog stick:  Moves the ship

  • Right analog stick:  Aims the ship

  • Left Trigger:  Fires the laser weapon

  • Right Trigger:  Fires the projectile weapon

  • Left Shoulder:  Uses a time bomb

  • Right Shoulder:  Uses the special weapon

  • Start (Option) button:  Pause the game (start game from the weapon or upgrade menu)

  • D-Pad Up/Down:  Selects the upgrade to work on

  • A (X): confirm current menu selection